Acronym Wars

Release Date: 30/09/2007
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18 songs based on selected Indonesian acronyms and abbreviations. The genius of the Pancasila as propaganda, condensed through its motto, “Unity in Diversity”, is to unify the wide ranging cultures of the Indonesian archipelago and to suggest that it is the five principles that they have shared in common since time immemorial. The concept that drives the Punkasila project is to distil the cacophony of disparate political, military, religious, cultural and bureaucratic organisations that constitute the Indonesian body politic to their abbreviated form of acronyms. It is hoped to make the songs both humorous and provocative in equal measure, in part by flattening out each organisations’ implied agendas, arbitrarily presenting them alongside rival, non-affiliated or completely disconnected groups. In addition, many of these acronyms have been popularly inverted using plesetan as a kind of subversive double-speak. This specifically Indonesian wordplay adds another layer of pathos and the ridiculous to PUNKASILA’s repertoire.