Crash Nation

Release Date: 01/05/2014
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PUNKASILA’s new project titled Crash Nation*, explore the popular superstition and mysticism surrounding the phenomenon of calamity and disaster in Indonesia. Theexhibition comprises 13 disaster scenarios painted collaboratively by 25 artists (members the PUNKASILA art-music collective and their colleagues). The paintings are a collision of styles, genres and techniques including ‘Indo-realism’, abstraction, stencil art, comic art, batik, screen and digital printing, embroidery and collage. Each painting is sonically accompanied by cataclysmic rock from the 13 track Crash Nation, recorded by PUNKASILA in Yogyakarta last month, that addresses the same subject. The album released as digital download and CD by Yes No Wave Music.

The disasters depicted are: Merapi (Volcanic Eruption), Busung Lapar (Famine), Korupsi (Corruption), Gempa Bumi (Earthquake), Sumber Kencono (Road Carnage), Lapindo (Mudslide), Tanah Longsor (Landslide), Banjir Bandang (Great Flood), Sukhoi (Plane Crash), Molimo (Five Social Diseases: Theft, Prostitution/Adultery, Drinking, Drugs, Gambling), Suramadu (Supertitious Children Kidnapping), Tsunami, and Asli/Palsu (Visual Plagiarism).

The exhibition also includes 35 water-coloured prints of Erwan ‘Iwank’ Hersisusanto’s comic illustrations, his fourth instalment of a series of comic books about the adventures of PUNKASILA.

PUNKASILA Search And Recue Team
Agent Provocateur Gang Voice:
Uji ‘Hahan’ Handoko, Wok The Rock, Terra Bajraghosa, Hendra ‘Blankon’ Priyadhani, Prihatmoko ‘Moki’ Catur, Danius Kesminas
Guitars: Rudy ‘Atjeh’, Erwan ‘Iwank’ Herrisusanto, Antariksa
Bass: Janu Satmoko
Drums Explosion: Prihatmoko ‘Moki’ Catur

Musics and lyrics by PUNKASILA except lyric intro on track 01 taken from “Ranub Lampuan”by Yuslizar (1959) and some excerpts from “Jangka Jayabaya” on track 03, 04, 06 and 10.
Produced by PUNKASILA
Project Manager: Danius Kesminas and Iyok Prayogo
Recorded in May 2012 by Dave Nelson at Pengerat Studio, Yogyakarta
Assistant Engineer: Otto Muharom and Garry Mailangkay
Mixed by Dave Nelson at Nelsonics, Melbourne
Mastered by Dave Nelson at Crystal Mastering, Melbourne
Cover design by Wok The Rock
Cover artwork by Wok The Rock and Wedhar Riyadhi
Limited ‘Pocongan’ package by Rudy Atjeh, Uji Handoko and Badari Mustaq

Released by Yes No Wave Music
Distributed in Australia by Darren Knight Gallery

*The title was suggested to Kesminas by Geoff Thompson, the ABC’s former Indonesian Correspondent, after a Garuda Boeing 737-497 carrying several Australian journalists covering the visit of Foreign Affairs Minister Alexander Downer and Attorney-General Philip Ruddock crashed and burst into flames at Adisucipto International Airport in Yogyakarta on 7th March 2007, killing 21 passengers and 1 crew member.